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Des quizz sur les Red Hot Chili Peppers !

En cherchant un peu sur Internet, on peut trouver toutes sortes de quizz sympas sur tous les sujets, y compris sur les Red Hot. En voici quelques-uns avec mes résultats persos, et je vous jure que je n'ai (presque) pas triché ...

You are Anthony, aka sex on legs. You knew this was coming, didn't you? In three words: Fiery, sexual, peaceful. You have a huge personality that immediately takes over any room you are in, but you exude inner peacefulness at the same time. Of course, you have all of the charm that a lead singer needs to have; this may be why you are so damn sexy to so many people. You are very expressive, and probably turn to words. You, like the other guys in the band, are very spiritual.

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<>I am most like Anthony
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I should date Anthony
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You're Universally Speaking
Which Red Hot Chili Peppers' song are you?
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Your a Good fan!You know alot of facts, you're Always humming along to an old favourite like Under the bridge or aeroplane, But you also get into the new songs. That's Fab, your a great fan, We think You rule!

How much do you like the Red Hot Chili Peppers?(A must for all fans)
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By The Way

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may attend little children
your so fun to be round! your happy with who and what you are! you love being with your friends and having tons of fun! Just remember that you have to work sometimes!

Which Anthony Kiedis picture are you?
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You're Anthony Kiedis! You are really outgoing and you get a lot of attention from your kick-ass looks. You love to make people happy and despite your appearance, you have a sensitive side that is revealed when you sing. You are a bit cocky, but you have enough talent to be your arrogant self. Not many fans understand the true you because they're so caught up in your orgasmic appearance. Overall, you are amazing and RHCP would not be the same without an Anthony Kiedis.

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You are: By the way. Be careful with the vaseline...

Which Red Hot Chili Peppers song are you?
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